California Real Estate News - Week of 11/14/16


Another slow week of news relating to real estate in California as news stories continue to relate towards President Trump and what to expect in the next couple years. To jump right in to those stories can you read the San Francisco Chronicle's story about how Trump will lead to shaking up the bay area housing market; or you can read the San Diego Union-Tribune's story about tackling what Trump will mean for Southern California housing. Both are worth a read and offer some differing points of views. Next up, Forbes discusses potential signs to keep an eye out for to see if your local real estate market is in a bubble. And lastly, before we move onto the Curbed wrap up, here is an interesting write up on that points out just how devastating earthquakes can be in California, something all California homeowners should be aware of.

For this week's Curbed wrap up we start off with Pasadena cracking down on homeless people getting too comfortable on the streets and in the parks. A breath of fresh air on Hollywood Blvd. as something besides a hotel is coming up. This new project hopes to deliver affordable housing to artists, complete with gallery space in the building. Another, yet different kind of, breath of fresh air comes to renters in the form of rents dropping in October for the first time in months (don't expect it to last, though). And lastly, here are some tips on how to better understand Mortgage rules. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!