California Real Estate News - Week of 11/28/16


Looking a little down south first, the LA Times reports that the median price for a home in San Diego has surpassed $500,000 for the first time in ten years. In another LA Times story this week, home prices jumped last month and nationally we have reached pre bubble prices for the first time since 2006.

Moving into our weekly Curbed wrap up, it appears Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood are getting ready for a retrofit overhaul. Apparently the Hawthorne Plaza Mall will finally be demolished and replaced, the mall closed back in 1999. Coming as no surprise due to the LA Times article above, but Curbed has their own story about Los Angeles county prices being up 7 percent. And lastly, if you're looking for the proper gray scale to paint your home, Curbed breaks down the best grays to use.