California Real Estate News - Week of 12/12/16


As we edge closer and closer to the holidays, real estate news slows down as well. This week's news stories are not real estate centric, but certainly relate. Apparel News reports that in the month since the election, commercial real estate has picked up in Los Angeles with many business looking for new store fronts to move into. The LA Times have a write up on how the Federal Reserve hike will affect consumers. The first section of the article details how it will have an impact on mortgages.

In this week's Curbed wrap up, Malibu finds out the newly embolden California Coastal Commission is not messing around as they fine two Malibu property owners $5.1 million for blocking public beach access. On the other hand, Watts residents have something to celebrate as LA County has agreed to fund the green makeover of 103rd Street in Watts. Here is a bonus article from Curbed to help you find local gifts made right here in Los Angeles for any shopping that may remain on your list. Happy Holidays!