Development Around USC


If you have driven around or spent any time at the USC campus in the last couple of years you have no doubt noticed the amount of construction and development going on. This week, just ahead of the start of the 2017 school year, USC Village is officially open. Taking up $700 million of USC’s promised $1 billion towards development, USC Village is the largest development in the school’s history, reported by the LA Times.

Sitting on 15 acres and primed to house 2,500 students, USC Village is not just for students. In addition to the student housing, a new Trader Joe’s, Target, Starbucks, and other stores and restaurants will be open to the public, complete with a courtyard to promote hangouts. This project is a huge step in USC’s campaign to elevate the surrounding neighborhood and community outside of the school’s borders.

The new USC Village replaced an outdated, outdoor mall built in the 1970s and brings all the amenities that come with a high-end university project. USC is just one of many schools in the county who are pushing development outward to help better the surrounding communities. New development with retail and food in addition to student housing brings new jobs to the area, like USC’s proposed plans to bring a new research center into the area, which would include housing, a hotel, and restaurants with it.

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