Welcome to 2017!


Hello, I hope everyone's 2017 is off to a strong start! Now that the holiday season is far behind us and the real estate market is revving up, let's take a look at what has been happening since the New Year. The Real Deal reports on the city of Los Angeles looking into new rules to protect historic buildings, including giving the city an easier route to prolonging the review process. In a new report, Santa Monica has become the most expensive city to rent in in the United States. Also worth pointing out that Venice is 5th, just beating out San Francisco. Curbed has a fun write up covering downtown LA's construction boom and shines light on the fact that the downtown area has not seen so much construction in almost a century. The LA Times discuss how bringing a second NFL team to Inglewood will do good things to the real estate market in the area, while also pointing out the Chargers biggest obstacle will be figuring out how to be relevant in Los Angeles. And lastly, the most expensive house on market in the United States is right here in LA: a Bel-Air mansion complete with staffers and a helicopter. It is listed at $250 million. Weekly news posts will resume next week, we are looking forward to sharing a prosperous 2017 with everyone!