Commercial Real Estate

CB Luxury Real Estate works with a multinational client base of real estate owners and investors to facilitate in the research, purchase, and sale of desirable multi-family, retail, and development projects. We work with a network of discerning professionals to ensure client confidence and success in even the most complex of deals.

Having thrived in the commercial real estate acquisition and development world while helping establish and grow Skechers USA's (a Fortune 500 Company) domestic holdings, Dustin Cumming has maintained strong ties with a diverse group of real estate funds, significant property owners, managers, service providers and brokers in the commercial and industrial sphere. These bonds help to ensure unparalleled access, insight, and deal flow is presented to our clients.

CB Luxury Real Estate has an impressive track record of closing deals in the commercial and industrial space and takes great pride in putting forth the time and effort to gain an in-depth understanding of each client's assets and needs on an individual basis; allowing us to put together deals and find opportunities that will yield the most value for our clients.